The funeral of Heath Ledger will take place behind `closed doors`

The funeral of Heath Ledger will take place behind `closed doors`Actor Heath Ledger, recently died under mysterious circumstances, will be buried in Australia next week. The ceremony of his funeral surrounded by a veil of secrecy.The body of the Ledger delivered in his hometown of Perth in Western Australia. Perhaps the burial ceremony will be held in the chapel of his former school. The reason for this secrecy was that the parents of Hollywood stars, Kim and Sally Ledger, I want to make the funeral a private affair of the family.As told by uncle Hit Mike Ledger, the parents are going to do the ceremony of burial is so closed that even other relatives will not be able to get on it. This writes the Telegraph (the full text on the website family has already held a closed ceremony in a chapel in Los Angeles. At the funeral service held under tight security, was attended by his parents, sister Kate, an ex-wife Michelle Williams, two year old daughter Matilda, ex-girlfriend Naomi watts and 10 close friends of the family. After a 30-minute service, all they moved into the Beverly Hills hotel, in a separate room where lunch was held.28-year-old star of the movie "Brokeback mountain" was found dead last Tuesday in his Manhattan apartment in new York. Near the body were found pills, including ambien. The autopsy made on the following day, failed to reveal the cause of death.Family Heath insists that he could not commit suicide. By the end of the week will be announced the results of Toxicological tests, the police do not exclude that he could have died from an accidental overdose of drugs. Extended version that the actor could have died of natural causes from heart failure.Australian actor-movie star was awarded the Association of film actors in Los Angeles. For his role in "Brokeback mountain," Ledger was nominated in two categories. Source: the Funeral of Heath Ledger will be held behind closed doors.

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