Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising people

Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising peopleOne of the most intriguing and controversial figures in the modern history of Russia Roman Abramovich. In the past year he has not changed his habit is to surprise and generate a lot of rumors.The divorce from his wife, an affair with a young model, the change of head coach of "Chelsea", the construction of a Grand amusement Park in the suburbs...The path to the NorthThe QUESTION of where did this man, who managed just a few years become one of the richest citizens of Russia, is not as simple as it seems... you Can look for the roots of the richness and power of Abramovich in the "dashing 90", it is possible to dump all connected in government circles. But the true roots of its history goes much further and deeper...In the fifteenth century, the Jews of Spain, fleeing from the persecution of the Inquisition of Pope innocent VIII, passed the whole of Europe. Some of them stayed in "Northern" lands East of Germany. Here, among the forests, abundant wildlife, nine Jewish families founded the village received from the residents of nearby villages called Tauroggen - in honor of the bulls tours, who lived in the area. Chapter one of the families name was Abram. This Spanish usurer was a distant ancestor of Roman Abramovich. On behalf of the family and subsequently received the name of Lithuania - Abramowicz.During its four hundred year history of the family of Abramavicius were able to accumulate a handsome property. By 1917, the family of the grandfather of Roman Abramovich - Nahmans (Nahim) of Abramavicius - owned three houses in the Lithuanian town of Taurage and the land total area of over 30 hectares. This family stood firmly on his feet. But history tends to repeat itself. And in 1941, just before world war II, "kulak" family of Abramowicz was expelled from Lithuania. Their way again northwards to Siberia. Father Roman Abramovich (Aaron) at that time was five. In a closed cattle car of immigrants brought to Syktyvkar.The curse of the Abramovich familyAT the NEW place of residence of the father of the future Russian billionaire was given a new name - Arkady. Arkady and his two brothers mother had to raise alone. The car, driven by her husband, unhooked on the way, and the family believed that the father Nahmans Abramowicz - died.Left without a husband, the grandmother of the future oligarch one was in a strange, cold Syktyvkar. In the first years they lived from hand to mouth. But then natural sharpness helped Tatyana Abramovich to adapt. She began sewing custom made bras and corsets. Among her clients were the wives of the officials. They helped her get a job in the dining room. The proximity to food-vey helped to feed sons. As it turned out many years later, the grandfather of Roman Abramovich also escaped death from hunger and cold. He ended his days in the Krasnoyarsk territory at the age of 55 years. Nahim Abramovich worked on the tractor and scored once in the bucket too much ground. The car lost balance and fell into the pit.Like the grandfather, the father of the Novel Abra-movich tragically died at the construction site. In 1969 he was hit by a high-rise crane. As if caused by some fate or family's curse of early death befell the mother of Roman Abramovich. About a year after the birth of first child, Roman, Irina got pregnant again. According to the testimony of doctors who treated her, Abramovich decided to postpone the birth of her second child. Irina started using some potent drugs. And landed in the hospital with the diagnosis "a poisoning". After a few days she died.King rubber toysAt the age of FOUR Roma were taken to Ukhta, uncle - Leiba Abramovich. Exactly uncle Roman to 16 years was considered to be his father.Later with her grandmother on fathers-tion line, Tatyana Semenovna, Roman moved to a Studio apartment in the center of Moscow. He studied at the Moscow school N232 in the area of the Pipe street. The entrance exams to the Institute failed. The result came in the army.Two years Abramovich had to serve in the artillery regiment, in autozone. After the army he worked as a welder in the SU-122 trust "Massicote". Official Abramovich biography reports that he graduated from the Moscow Institute of oil and gas named after Gubkin. But in the archives of the Institute of student information with a name like that no.Instead of "to gnaw granite of science", in the early 1990s, Abramovich organized cooperative "Comfort", which was engaged in the manufacture of children's toys. However career "toy" businessman of the Novel did not appeal to me. In the first half of the 90s he became the founder and cofounder of two dozen brokerage firms, engaged in trading of oil products. Oil Roma made his name and money, but first... lost. In February 1992 from Ukhta to Moscow arrived train with 55 cisterns of diesel fuel. After a few days the train went to Kaliningrad, but the path disappeared...In the criminal case N79067, instituted by the investigative Department of the Moscow police, said: "Abramo HIV--R. A. (...), knowingly using false documents, under the guise of sending fuel to the military unit, stationed in the Kaliningrad region, forwarded it to the city of Riga, where it was sold".For some strange reason, no liability Abramovich had not suffered, although it was even taken into custody."Family" for orphansThe WAY Abramovich power to the top began in 1995.

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