The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futile

The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futileIn a recent interview with Liza Boyarskaya told that in the childhood was completely indifferent to the cinema and theatre and become an actress didn't want to. And in eight years, Lisa returned a verdict of complete hopelessness.However, it was already about ballet. Daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky from a very young age, loved to dance, and so it was decided to give to a specialized school."With five years worked in the Studio, in the Anichkov Palace, we performed at various concerts, says Lisa. - Eight years in dad decided to send me to the Vaganova Academy. I studied there for a month on probation. Easter his shoes his feet in the blood, crying from the unbearable pain. Therefore, even delighted, when teachers delivered their verdict about my complete hopelessness as the ballerina. Dad said, "Data from your girl, sorry, no. She's too plump for ballet, and hard work at it enough.".

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