Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn child

Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn childFamous actress Lyudmila Gurchenko strongly against the birth of a grandson. Having learned that the granddaughter is waiting for the birth of the baby in January, the star stated categorically:I don't want this baby!The birth of the fourth generation in the family Gurchenko already on the nose. In winter it is expected the birth of a grandson (or great-granddaughter - a child's sex is not yet determined) the great actress from her only granddaughter Helena. She is the only representative of the third generation Gurchenko. Grandson Lyudmila Gurchenko mark died very young, before he could marry and have a child.That 22-year-old Elena is pregnant, famous grandma learned granddaughter when was only on the second month of pregnancy. Not happy about the news. But Lena immediately decided: "Baby I will leave!" And this despite the fact that unmarried. The child's father is a close friend of Lena, which is slightly older than her, they are not legally married. Neither Lena (she is a horse trainer in school) or her boyfriend (he's a programmer) there is big income. To help great grandma she doesn't have to count. After the trial because of the apartment in which lived late mother Lyudmila Markovna, the relationship between the actress, her daughter Mary and granddaughter Lena got so bad that Gurchenko-older even hear about relatives do not want.- Even when I felt very bad in the first months of pregnancy and could not work, grandma didn't call me, even though I knew about it, " says Elena. "She struck us from his life. Now we know that whatever bad happens to the aid of Lyudmila Markovna we cannot count.Indeed, with the news that her granddaughter was pregnant, Gurchenko immediately thought that she want to beg some money for the content.- We've pretty much exhausted this question! - husband admitted Gurchenko, Sergei Senin. - We don't want to know anything about these people.But Elena spite of circumstances made the firm decision to leave a child!I wanted him, not her grandmother! I do it for myself! "she said to her mother. Now she continues to work on the racetrack, despite the pregnancy. She is forced to use the services of municipal doctors, to stand in queues, because there is no money for paid professionals.Lyudmila Gurchenko, while on tour in Ekaterinburg, clearly explained his position asked her about it journalists:- I don't want this baby, because I don't want to be "the great-grandmother of ninety-nine years!" Don't want to grow old."But the baby is born anyway. Boy you want or a girl?- I don't care! I don't need anyone!Before the birth of great-grandson Lyudmila Gurchenko only three months. And pregnant Elena still huddles in the parents ' apartment. She's still not married. The reason for this friends call the housing problem. From PAL Lena also does not have a shelter.Life for the week (#45) Source: Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn child.

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