I Gazmanov right away

I Gazmanov right awayAt 26 years of Rodion had been revoked for gross misconduct on the road. Aspiring actor and musician at his "Toyota RAV 4" towards the center of the street Novomoskovsk.Suddenly, the car Gazmanov Jr. left on a strip of oncoming traffic. Of course, this maneuver did not go unnoticed by the inspector of traffic police. The policeman stopped the hearing and asked to produce documents. The violation was so arrogant that even after hearing the son of the favourite of the audience, the guard made the Protocol.- Due to the poor condition of the roadway I just noticed markup - tried to justify the star driver.However, the inspector was unwavering - taking Rodion Gazmanov law, he gave him in return a temporary driving permit. Now the son of Oleg Gazmanov by law to deny the right of control of the machine for a period of four to six months. The exact punishment will be determined by the court, where the defendant must appear in a couple of weeks, the newspaper "Your day". Source: Gazmanov right away.

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