`Ivan` stole a brand new car

`Ivan` stole a brand new carBrand new "Volga" member of the popular group Kirill Andreev bought before September 1.This year his son Kirill went to the first class, here's a good father, and acquired a transport to carry the boy to class. And hired for this special driver.But his father's gift was used by the child is not very long. "Volga" was stolen from a guarded paid Parking lot, where she "slept" next to the "Toyota" Andreev and the "Lexus" of his wife. The loss was discovered when my Son had to drive to school. The police found out that the car was gone, along with... the watchman of Parking.Initially, the Opera was suggested that the hijackers were able to kill a man. But, looking in the personal file missing, found that the felon with the experience. Soon broken "Volga" was found on the South-West of the capital. The guard is the thief, the police was still looking for. Source: "Ivanushki" stole a brand new car.

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