Daughter marries Cool

Daughter marries CoolDaughter of Igor Krutoy Victoria is getting married. The pair is now in full swing preparing for the most happy day of their lives.About the upcoming wedding of Victoria at the launch of his new album announced from the stage, a close friend Irina Dubtsova.Seeing how Steep danced PA erotic with her boyfriend Alexander, the singer, unable to restrain himself, frankly told the guests about the wedding.- Here look, as with Vika dancing, her fiance, said Dubtsova, - well, downright feast for the eyes!Recall that at the wedding of his brother Nicholas, Victoria, to the surprise of his parents, caught the bride's bouquet.- Well, now I will marry! - gleefully shouted Steep.LoveApparently, the child of a famous composer in that day knew what was soon to marry.As found "Z", with Alexander Vika met at a party with friends. A few days later the couple started Dating, and for a long time they parted. According to close friends of young people, Cool is madly in love with Sasha and believes that it fits her like no other guy. Besides, according to her, he is very funny and it is always a good time.It is unclear how this news will concern himself Igor Krutoy, we only know that the Fiddler composer like his sense of purpose and confidence in life. Source: Daughter marries Cool.

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