Anna Netrebko became the `Musician of the year`

Anna Netrebko became the `Musician of the year`Reputable music publication Musical America recognized the Russian Opera singer Anna Netrebko "Musician of the year".Among the holders of the prestigious title, which the magazine awards last 50 years, composers Leonard Bernstein and Igor Stravinsky, as well as pianist Vladimir Horowitz, reports AP.The title "Musician of the year" at different times been honored with such outstanding singers of our time, as Placido Domingo, Marilyn Horne, karita Mattila, Beverly Sills, Leontina Price, ITAR-TASS reported.36-year-old soloist of the Mariinsky theatre of Opera and ballet of St. Petersburg will appear on the cover of Musical America in 2008. "Russian soprano Anna Netrebko is a genuine superstar of the XXI century, - said in a statement in new York press release."Her exotic beauty, breathtaking vocal and theatrical talent excellently manifested itself in Gounod's "Romeo and Juliet" on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera. Her ascent into the Pantheon of world class singers was quick, inevitable and well-deserved," noted Musical America.Kaija Saariaho from Finland was named "Composer of the year", head of the Atlanta Symphony orchestra Robert Spano was named "Conductor of the year, 80-year-old pianist Charles Rosen awarded the title of "Instrumentalist of the year", and "Ensemble of the year" has become Chanticleer."Musical America", considered the "Bible" of the world music industry, contains data on more than 14 thousand companies and 10 thousand artists. The first Handbook was published in 1960, it was then established and the title of "Musician of the year". Since 1992, the winners are determined by categories such as "Instrumentalist of the year", "conductor of the year", "Songwriter of the year" and "Vocalist of the year". Later the list was clucene the title "Ensemble of the year". The awards will be presented on December 13 in a ceremony at new York's Lincoln center. Source: Anna Netrebko became the "Musician of the year.

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