Pugacheva has chosen a new boy

Pugacheva has chosen a new boyAlla Pugacheva, as we have already mentioned, went to Ukrainian "star Factory". Diva has performed alongside future stars and even singled out from the crowd of "semi-finished" one of her favorite singer.Alla Pugacheva was, perhaps, the main sensation of the concert. Even though her room was very minimalist, all attention was riveted on her person.Maxim Galkin, who arrived in Kiev together with Pugacheva, in the Star house has not appeared. Probably he had more important things to do and everywhere to accompany his famous companion of his plans were not included.According to eyewitnesses, Pugachev looked minimalistas. Sang the song, thanked the audience and modestly retired. The actress talked a bit, but essentially.From the stage she praised one of the "manufacturers". So, a new favorite Pugacheva became Zhenya Joint working, writes "KP-Ukraine". Along with 18-year-old young man from Donetsk Alla Pugacheva sang the song together."I liked you, boy," said the singer. - Be sure to defeat in this show.By the way, the Russian "star Factory-5", the artistic Director of which was herself, Alla Pugacheva had several Pets. Diva favored coast Legostaeva, Ruslan Masukawa and Mike Mironenko. However, after the end of the project in favorites Alla Borisovna was the only one Mike. The singer and now helps a young singer. Source: Pugachev chose a new boy.

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