Neighbor beat lover Lada Dance

Neighbor beat lover Lada DanceFamous singer Lada Dance for some time is in constant fear: the owner of the neighboring houses in the village Podushkino - 37-summer Alexey Copalquin because of a dispute over the division of the earth is threatening to send her to the light.The singer caught up to his house builders, who has built a new fence. Because of what Alex was left without the ability to drive to the house. He has addressed in militia with the statement. Here's an extract from it: "My neighbor Lada E. Volkov (this is the real name of the singer. - Approx. Ed.) illegally seized the municipal territory... installed metal fence and blocking the driveway to the site my house".She really fenced off municipal land - was confirmed by the police to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - However unequivocally confirm this information it will be possible, when the experts from the district administration will conduct the measurements. However, yesterday a neighbour of the singer ruined her fence.According to the newspaper "Your day", the man tore down a fence at the house of the singer, and then brutally beat her young man Cyril. Straight to the mansion of the singer in the day an angry neighbor Lada drove a bulldozer who began to tear down the fence next to the mansion artist. And when, hearing the roar from the home of the singer ran her boyfriend Cyril, he was severely beaten. This method neighbor Lada Dance decided to win back some ground on the ruble, the newspaper "Your day".The conflict between Lada Dens and businessman - the owner of an unfinished house, adjoining the mansion of the singer, began in the summer. According to Lada, her neighbor bought a plot of land with an unfinished house and left it in derelict condition. In an empty unfenced house often spend the night local builders who regularly arrange a sleepover.- To stand beside such an outrage I could not, " says Lada. I have two little children, they are constantly walking, playing in the street, and there is such devastation!Protect his family, the singer decided to surround ownerless place at least iron posts: that machines could not unload there garbage. After the singer had "fenced off", the neighbor began to threaten her. The fence allegedly interfered with its own entrance to the plot, even though the house has another entrance.- He told me he would kill me if I don't take a fence, " says a frightened Lada. He said: "I will kill you and your entire family, you won't have long to live!".Lada didn't take the threat seriously until the early morning not heard a noise outside his home.- The house was approached by a bulldozer and immediately began to destroy the fence, " says Lada. Are children afraid of the noise and rumble to the workers ran out Cyril. Asked what they were doing. But he was told to shut up, otherwise you'll blow the whole house. Cyril, of course, stood up for me. And suddenly our neighbor jumped out of his car and began to beat him...After the workers left, frightened Lada victim and her friend went to the police. They wrote the application in Prosecutor's office about the threat to life and witnessed the beating.- I am very afraid for my life! - recognized Lada. "Do we live in a world where all the issues should be solved with fists and threats?! I contacted the police and this doesn't just leave! This neighbor lives in the house, and he's constantly haunted by some sort of dubious characters. Stop with the side where I put the fence. I did it to protect his family from these strange people.Now all participants of scandal waiting zamerschik of the district administration to find out who is right and who is wrong in this land of history. Source: Neighbor beat lover Lada Dance.

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