Jack Nicholson is pissed needlessness

Jack Nicholson is pissed needlessnessJack Nicholson assures us, if it does not work that Heath Ledger plays in the new "Batman" the Joker - the role that made Jack among the masses in the very first "Batman" in 1989 and brought fabulous profits from the rental.Don't know whether he was joking, or not, but when the old guy asked what he thinks of the Ledger, the answer was: "I'm furious. In fury. (laughs) I've never been asked to do a sequel with the Joker - and I know how to play! And I didn't ask, that's all. Maybe rightly so, but I'm still in a rage".Jack doubted that he even wanted to see Heath Ledger in the new movie, which will be released in the summer. Poor Ledger - so get. Source: Jack Nicholson pissed needlessness.

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