Melanie brown was beaten by her husband

Melanie brown was beaten by her husbandMelanie brown health problems. The girl managed to pick up an eye infection, now my eyes are swollen and can hardly see. I hope Mel b is not lying to us, and it's not the husband put to her hands.Having overcome the disease, the girl managed to take part in the American version of the show "dancing with the stars". The judges were impressed and gave her the highest score. And here is the winner of the Mel stares at the podium, hoping to see their allies on the Spice Girls and did not see any peppercorns. And not an infection is to blame, none of the girls did not deign to come and support Melanie in her hour in such a complicated case. Mel b, they say, was furious. The source says:This show means a lot to Melanie, and she was very disappointed that the girls didn't come. Of course, my husband always supports Mel b, but she would from her friends and wanted to get support.Support was received, but rather in a strange way. The remaining Spice Girls have recorded a video in which he asked viewers to vote for Melanie brown and Emma bunton joked:We need to leave her in the show. Because when the Chalk is down there, she's with us.The amazing life of Melanie brown. This positive husband, so cute girlfriends. Welcome to serpent's nest. Source: Melanie brown was beaten by her husband.

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