The Karachentsov again came to the emergency room

The Karachentsov again came to the emergency roomFamous actor Nikolai Karachentsov again came to the emergency room. On Thursday, the actor became ill, and his wife Lyudmila purgina immediately called the brigade of "first aid". Arrived doctors assessed the state of the actor as critical.Nikolai Petrovich was immediately taken to the Sklifosovsky Institute. Specialists immediately sent Karachentsov in neuroregeneration, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".On the current state Karachentsov is little known. He had a seizure and now the doctors are doing everything possible to help the eminent patient. However, to give any forecasts, doctors can't yet.Near Nikolai Petrovich now, as always, his wife Lyudmila purgina. When my husband was taken to the hospital, she rushed to the Sklifosovsky Institute followed him to his car.Last month, Nikolai Petrovich, too, got into the intensive care unit. The actor had surgery for pumping fluid accumulated in the brain after previous surgical interventions.Then Karachentsov quickly managed to recover. After leaving the hospital room, Nikolai Petrovich even presided over the jury of the festival, actor Andrei Mironov.For a sick person this event is a lot of stress. Perhaps this was the cause of a nervous breakdown and the subsequent deterioration of his health. Source: Karachentsov again came to the emergency room.

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