Daniel Radcliffe became the hero of the record books

Daniel Radcliffe became the hero of the record booksThe Director of the College in Coimbatore (India) wrote a book called, consisting of 1022 words and 4805 letters, written without spaces.The book, the hero of which was actor Daniel Radcliffe, who became famous thanks to the execution of the main roles in five films based on the series of novels by J. K. Rowling about Harry Potter, aspires to become the first book about Hollywood character, written by an Indian, reports ANI.Speaking about the reasons for writing the book, Dr. Subramanian, writer and Director of the College of science and art in Karamadai, located 25 km from Coimbatore, said that his book has the longest title ever written. "We set a record. I wrote a book with the longest title that contains 1022 words. This is the longest title ever created," he added.123-page book contains an 8-page insert containing 3-D images of the films about the boy wizard, which can be viewed using anaglyph glasses that comes with this edition.The title of the book, beginning with "Daniel Radcliffe - the story of an unusual boy, chosen among..." and ends with "...to eternal glory" does not contain any punctuation. According to Subramanian, the representative of the Committee of the Guinness Book of records in London confirmed that such achievements so far were recorded.The doctor noted that the creation of such work inspired his own daughter is a fan of Radcliffe. Subramanian stressed that chose the main character of his book popular actor to draw for publication the attention of young readers. "It is a huge incentive for people of all ages to read books. That's why I chose him," said Subramanian.Note, this is not the first record set by the Director of the College to the Guinness Book of records. In 1996, he registered a record of having conducted an online lesson 1934 for students from 16 educational centers in the world. Source: Daniel Radcliffe became the hero of the record books.

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