Anna Kournikova dreams of becoming a homewrecker

Anna Kournikova dreams of becoming a homewreckerIn the past tennis star Anna Kournikova and have not found a decent application and antsy from idleness. Main occupation Kournikova - socialite - expects to demonstrate at the beach bikini and go out with fiancГ© Enrique Iglesias.Anna dreams of creative work.After a career in tennis four years have passed, during this time, the Russian didn't do anything, except what he practised himself, and lived in pleasure, but her idleness bored, and Anna decided to start a new career. The girl decided to try herself in the film industry and start with small roles in serials.As it became known, Kournikova was offered a small role in the TV series "Sex and the city". By role, Kournikova will play the frivolous rich and the secular lioness who is only busy with attending fashion shows, the best restaurants and discotheques, and in his spare time plays tennis.Practically, Kournikova played herself, only in a scenario it will be American and will lead one of four girlfriends man. Who will be the victim of the charms of the heroine Kournikova is still unknown. Rumor has it that her character whacks the guy at the sexiest heroine of "Sex and the city" Samantha, which plays in the soap Opera Kim cattrall. The role of Anna cannot be called a cameo, her character will be with enviable frequency to appear in several episodes of the popular film, according m . What fee promised shooting star for the second plan, not yet reported. Perhaps this role will give Kournikova prospects to eventually become one of the stars of Hollywood?"Kournikova full of free time, which she doesn't know what to do," said a source from the inner circle of Anna, who wished to remain anonymous. - Enrique constantly at rehearsals and tour, and she doesn't know what to do with themselves. Her only occupation is training with children for charitable purposes".The Western heroine gossip weekly master classes tennis at American charitable organization "Boys and girls", the club organizes leisure primary school children and teenagers to keep them from hanging out on the streets. Anna four years of not playing tennis, but many Americans believe that she is still an active player, because it bears tennis to the masses and constantly appears on demonstrations and training in the framework of charitable programs.Anna herself repeatedly confessed in an interview that they are ready to become a mother, but Iglesias slows down the process and believes that children: prospects for a very distant future". For him maybe, but for 25-year-old Anna, who does nothing, to have children, it's time. The source said that the blond star is worried that her fiancГ© abandons children and sees this as the reason he doesn't want to associate themselves with serious obligations.In the press recently wrote that a long affair tennis player and singer outlived its usefulness, and the couple broke up, but later Enrique said at a concert in Sweden that it was just gossip after his failed joke, kournikova, he did not throw, and the relationship with her most serious and prolonged in his life. Novel two stars began in 2002 on the set of the clip, the singer for the song "Escape", where Anna played a friend of Iglesias. Source: Anna Kournikova dreams of becoming a homewrecker.

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