Died in Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov

Died in Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery ShumakovRenowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov died at about 4:00 on Sunday.Shumakov was born in 1931, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Hero of socialist labor, academician, head of the Institute of Transplantology and artificial organs.His death was reported by "Interfax" a source in medical circles of the capital.Shumakov, one of the founders of the Russian clinical transplantation, for the first time in the USSR successfully underwent heart, liver and pancreas, as well as two-stage heart transplant. He is the Creator of the science of artificial organs, temporarily replaces the impaired function of vital organs.A funeral service and a memorial service will be held in the auditorium of the research Institute of Transplantology Tuesday, January 29 from 08:00 GMT. Source: died In Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov.

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