Maksim relieve extreme clip

Maksim relieve extreme clipCorrespondents of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" came in "city Park", where she was scheduled concert of Maksim, two hours before performances. At the entrance on the street huddled together two dozen frozen fans and admirers of flowers.They were not afraid of the wind and disgusting rain and first came to the concert hall "city Park".- Some three hours worth! - raising of hands in the guards.Stiff fans soon, however, let alone in the heat.The stage is still empty "city Park" came a female voice. It was, then there was Mack. Artist, utalises a sleeveless jacket with a hood, were sung and set up the equipment. Before the press conference, representatives of the singer sternly asked journalists to produce identification.- They say her guard just a beast, " whispered someone.Maxim left to journalists and sat on the couch cross-legged.- Are you frustrated that your songs youth puts for calls to mobile phones?- When in Moscow on "Muz-TV" was awarded the prize "Ringtone of the year", I closed my face with her hands and said, "not me." To be a singer ringtones, of course, is not wanted. But then, on reflection, I thought that my songs are coming from mobiles for youth - not so bad. It's an indication that people genuinely want to listen to me. It's nice that my music is important to them.Remembering that Maxim boyish love extreme sports, like to ride a scooter or motorcycle racing, we asked the question:- Don't you want to shoot a video for our Baltic sea?- I really want to shoot a video of the sea. Would gladly have shot you. One "but". I always try to make a video so that the stories were autobiographical, close to my life. But unfortunately, in my life there was no sea.But then the singer added:I had planned to shoot extreme clip, which will be skydiving, do not want to just lie on the sand under the waves.It is likely that new video Maxim will record on the Baltic sea. Source: Maksim relieve extreme clip.

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