Tsekalo has taken as his wife the sister of Vera Brezhneva

Tsekalo has taken as his wife the sister of Vera BrezhnevaThe beloved 47-year-old presenter and showman was the younger sister of the former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vika galuЕЎka (this surname is of Faith).Perhaps that is why Alexander and carefully hides wife, not wanting the audience to know that he has affinity with blonde. Seeing public life sisters, Vika didn't want her own fate became known to the public. But, as they say, murder will out.With 23-year-old Victoria Alexander Galushka met at a fashion show, "Blonde", which had a close friend of Vera Brezhneva and famous Ukrainian designer Olga navrotskaya. She and Vic worked as an assistant until, until it moved to Moscow.SisterWhen the soloist of the popular group went up the hill, she relocated the family from the Ukrainian province in Kiev. And that little sister is not bored and did not sit without work, Brezhnev Nawrocki asked to arrange Vick to his assistant. To deny her friend the fashion designer and stylist could not.Vic worked with me on many clips, - says Olga. "We are not such a friend, as with Faith, but I can say only good things.Olga says that thanks to her, she met her future husband, and he admits he is very happy for the girl. Historic meeting occurred on the show "Blondes", where Sasha for the first time saw a cute girl like two peas similar to the soloist in the famous group. And when he learned that she, like him, comes from Ukraine, only happy.- Sasha I knew before, " continues Olga. - We have many mutual friends in Moscow, and with him I became acquainted on a professional basis. I know him from a very good side and can't tell who got the better deal. Vika is a lovely girl, they whole family is very good. I am very glad that she had so happily there was life.LoveMeeting with famous TV presenter changed the girl's life 180 degrees. Witty, attentive and caring Tsekalo was able in a very short time become a close friend to Victoria. Apparently, he felt for her really strong feelings for the first time in a long time again so quickly decided on the wedding. Reply Vick did not hesitate long, and her family didn't mind Tsekalo. And last year a girl from Kiev moved to Moscow.Shortly before the wedding then the bride and groom appeared at the club "Paradise". Hugging each other, they tried to stay in the shade, while Vera Brezhnev famously danced to famous hits in the center of the room.And after a while they got married in secret from my friends, the only people who knew the family. Alexander told the others later.Now the couple live in a rented apartment, looking forward to moving to a country house, which completes Tsekalo. The girl's family was very well received famous husband. Excellent relationship with TV presenter has developed and with Vera Brezhneva. It is likely that it was at his hands ex-"VIA Gra" and appeared as the host of the "Magic 10" on the First channel, where Alexander heads the Directorate entertainment broadcasting. Source: Tsekalo has taken as his wife the sister of Vera Brezhneva.

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